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The Nerve!

May 13, 2007

I think that I had said something about losing feeling at the back of my arm during the time when the drain was in. Well, seems that the drain was resting on a BIG nerve in my arm. The nerve had enough and went numb. The drain came out last Saturday. Since Sunday the nerve is beginning to come back to life. youch!

I think that I have a little more feeling at the back of my arm, on the skin, and it is really uncomfortable to put my elbow on the table. (guess this will break that habit!)

I am glad that the nerve hurts, though when it really zaps me I don’t like it. I think that means that it was not cut. just annoyed and abused. Please pray that it calms down and returns to normal soon. I’m told this could take a while.

Meanwhile, I am taking low doses of Advil , (just starting last night) and applying oil of helichrysum (known to regenerate nerves) to my arm and feet.

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