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fasting again

May 15, 2007
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I am beginning another cancer battle plan fast. Started today. Plan to go for about two weeks. Last time I stoped at 10 days because of the surgery. This time, in addition to the beets, cabbage, celery and carrots and apples recommended I’ll add asparagus and kale. Jucing is a great way to get lots of veggies into the diet. It is really important to get organic and wash well.

I’m going to rehearsal again tonight. Just for fun, look at a site called cyber bass

in the major works index you will see, right on top, JS Bach Mass in b minor. If you click on that there ae midi files of the music. Saturday and Sunday I discovered that I have a lot to learn in the Santus and the Osanna. Oh boy! The Santus is in 6 parts, and don’t be deceived by the slow tempo in the beginning…. there is an extremely speedy fugue at the end. And the osanna is in 8 parts. I had missed two rehearsals. The midi files don’t give any hints of phrasing or dynamics or anything like that. They and just the notes. (and lots of them!)..

Pass this in to people who sing with choruses. It is a great learning tool.

I have many more things to write about. and no time. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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