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New Blogs to Love

April 22, 2012

In my travels among blogs, I’ve come across some that are so good that I really want you all to read them too πŸ™‚

I recommend that you read Helena’s Healing Circle. Click the link on the right side of this page, or here

Next is Mum’s Not Having Chemo . Read it here

Gerson and Me is written by a woman doing Gerson therapy. Gerson Therapy is very intensive so how she finds time to write a blog is amazing πŸ™‚
Read it here

Finally, and these are in no order of excellence, is Debbie Young’s blog Grassfed Momma. Debbie’s journey healing from CLL has taken her from raw foods to grass fed food! You will love her! check it out here
I’m intending to leave Debbie’s first blog, debbie does raw in the links on the right side of my front page. Raw foods heal, and many benefit. Debbie is smart enough, and flexible enough to change her thinking and do what her body tells her to do.

I hope you enjoy! Be sure to read the past postings of these wonderful bloggers.


Oh Blinding Light….

March 3, 2012

Do you know that song? I’ve digressed already….sigh

So, I’m sitting in the Opthomologist chair yesterday having my once every three-year eye exams. I love the test…. let’s see how well I can read the small print!
I know that there have been some vision changes…I like bright light to read or knit, and have to grab the magnifying glass for really small print…Otherwise I don’t have any problems…

The verdict.

Perfect! 20/20…gorgeous macula…beautiful retina…great blood vessels…perfect optic nerve…no cancer…no diabetes…and the lens of my eye still has plenty of flex.

And, the slight astigmatism I have serves to make me a bit more nearsighted…so I don’t have to hold print so far away πŸ™‚

I do take care of my eyes. No eye makeup or creams that sting, lots of bright sunlight every chance I get. I’ll only use sunglasses if driving distances on bright days, or when around water so I don’t squint too much…I think my attention to diet and supplements helps a lot too…

Anyway, I love good news and thought you might too.

I’m wondering if my scores might even improve over time… of course, the doc is a regular conventional guy who would most likely say that diet and supplements and specific eye exercises could not improve eyesight. I think there is a chance that they can.

I especially like Astaxanthin. Has anyone else used it? What do you think? I’ve also taken breaks from computer screens…the longest one lately when I was sick back in November and December…my eyes really appreciated the break…I think I’ll do that again fairly often.

Winter Solstice – Bungie Cord Edition

December 23, 2011

Here’s what happened…..(I’m watching Monk reruns. All credit goes to the writers)

September hit and life got really busy. I found myself in three choruses and auditing a history class. This on top of trying to keep up and run the house etc…

Life was going pretty well except that I was pretty tired and found myself in a chorus that I was not enjoying and found the experience to be pretty stressful. I cannot believe that I said the words stressful and chorus in the same sentence…a clear indicator that something was wrong somewhere. I pushed myself through it…I don’t like to quit things.

A couple of weeks after the concert, and a weekend trip out of town, I came down with a fever. a high fever. We’re talking 103-104. Burned for days… 2 weeks actually. I’m not afraid of high fever. The heat burns out the bad bugs. My biggest mistake was staying in bed so much… I got pneumonia. pretty bad.

It became clear that I needed to see a doctor…I ended up in the emergency room, and in the hospital for a week. Great doctors, great staff…though they beat up my only arm really bad. Finally my veins gave out and they decided not to continue IV antibiotics, and sent me home.

I’m home a couple of weeks now…pretty tired and with frozen shoulders. I was looking at a meridian chart the other day. The lung meridian runs right across the top of the shoulders and down the arms. perhaps not a big surprise that my arms are not working right now.
Of course, the hospital staff kept sticking me with needles and have you ever spent any time in a hospital bed? with those rubber pillows? omg.

Anyway… My lungs are clearing, I’m getting some energy back though I’m pretty tired, and here I am a solstice and Christmas with empty hands… no gifts, no decorating… nothing… not even much of a schedule besides lots of bodywork to try to get my arms back…

Thank God the solstice is here. The days will get longer now, and spring is going to be here soon. Time to sweep the corners of life and clear out the dust some more. I’ve been doing it all year… swept out some pretty ugly stuff…Solstice helps me reflect on how much work I’ve done and remind me to keep going with fresh spirit.

BCF – Monteverdi Madness

August 6, 2011

Well, we did it! We sang a great concert There are really no words that describe the magnificience of this music. It gives joy to my soul to be in the midst of the sound and be contributing in it.. This is truly one of the great masterworks of the Roman Church. Here is one more example of this marvelous music.

I’ve been imagining Monteverdi, in the room, with us, all week,listening to his music as is endures through the ages. I hope he is pleased.
My only regret this evening, as I write, is that I will be unable to present an example from the performance that the BCF chorus has just done.
I hope the music will bless you and inspire you to beauty and faith.

BCF Monteverdi Vespers Week – Wednesday

August 3, 2011

Ah! Monteverdi! Genius! I’m pretty busy singing this week and thought I would find another fine example of the music to share…
This one is currently kicking my butt πŸ™‚ The alto part is very low, and there is sooo much text! These Vespers are beautifully crafted. It is a privilege to sing them.

We are singing about five hours per day. The chorus here is top flight and our director is outstanding.

I hope you will enjoy!

BCF Monteverdi Vespers Week!

July 26, 2011

Hi all πŸ™‚ I’m preparing to leave in a few days to go to the Berkshire Choral Festival in Massachusetts to sing. I’ve had this opportunity for the past four summers. I’ll have more details after I arrive next Sunday.

We (the chorus) arrive on Sunday, rehearse Monday through Friday, and sing a concert on the following Saturday night.

This week…The Monteverdi Vespers (1610). For your listening pleasure, have a listen to the video below… This is one of my very favorites! Double chorus, 8 voice parts…oops! Did I say 8 parts? I meant to say 10 parts! If you watch the video closely, you will be able to see the two choruses work together. Enjoy!

What You Pray For

July 11, 2011

I believe in God’s provision for my life and the power of prayer.
I believe in an angel guide of our souls and bodies.

Those who do not believe in quite this way speak of manifesting and sending white light and visualizing outcomes.

I’ve learned to never underestimate the power of prayer, and never treat it as a toy or a magic wish machine that will give me anything that I want.
I also do not believe that I can bargain with God. The whole conversation that runs like this…”If I do this, then You do that” is dangerous stuff. For starters, the odds of me actually doing what I’m promising God is pretty much slim to none. You know, the old promise, “If I can have this thing that I’m praying for, I’ll never do so-and-so again”. Really? Can you do that? I sure can’t. I’m human and bound to fail. Best not to make those promises.

All this said, I find it comforting to see glimpses of what I consider to be God treating me as an indulgent parent would a child. Not granting every wish and spoiling the child, just giving a treat and sign that he is listening and loves and protects me. It is often my heart’s delight.

Just in the past few weeks we have been thinking of tables….I’ve wanted a round pedestal table, with leaves, in a nice wood. it would be great if it were not brand new so there would be none of the off-gassing issues which are common with new things. Well, several tables soon presented themselves.

You, gentle reader, might be tempted to say coincidence. I can tell you that before I began to focus on this and even to talk about it, tables were not presenting themselves.

There have been several in recent weeks.

One was very nice wood, with leaves that slid under the table…it was rectangular…I passed it by…Then there was a round (yay) one of unknown origin that was sold before we could call the seller. Then, yesterday! An estate sale, two doors from us. I got there at the very end of the day and there was one piece of furniture left… guess what that was? The table was offered with six chairs. Four high ladder-back chairs with cane seats, and two Hitchcock chairs that belong to the table, which is also Hitchcock. Included in the deal are table linens, some never used, for just a few extra dollars…All pieces are in excellent condition.

A fun extra bonus in this little adventure is that we have met a local woodworker! When we are ready to build our house we may want to hire a woodworker to build a few things for us.

Do you have a story to share?