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Welcome to my blog! I started this blog in April 2007 (see the original “about” page and comments here) after a breast cancer diagnosis as a way to keep family and friends updated about what was going on, and a place to talk about some of the process and life changes that have taken place along the way. It has been nine months now. . . . I am well, changing my life, and learning new stuff every day!

It has been encouraging over the past year to have so many friends and family reading and contributing here! Life continues to be uncertain, and I still look for things to make me laugh and feel good. Send me funny stories and suggestions for good movies. I’ve been watching funny movies a lot, and also like good chick flicks. Don’t be shy! Post away! Look on the right side of this page for the links to funny stories and movies. If you do, then everyone gets to have fun. I’ll also be adding more links to companies and products that I find worthwhile for a healthy lifestyle. You may find it useful to check it out!

Beating cancer is the reason for this blog. I am working hard to discover alternative treatments, change my thinking, diet, and my life to promote healing. Stay tuned for discussions about all kinds of detox and alternative therapy for cancer such as intravenous vitamin C, heavy metal detox, healing with essential oils, and many other tasty items. I’ve even been thinking about including a guest blogger (or two?) from time to time.

If you know other people who also have cancer and might want to read and contribute to this blog, I certainly would love to have them here! Pass this blog address along to any who might want to read! Making big changes in diet and lifestyle is not for everyone, though sometimes a person would make changes if he knew what changes to make, and that others were also doing it and could offer support.

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