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Oh Blinding Light….

March 3, 2012

Do you know that song? I’ve digressed already….sigh

So, I’m sitting in the Opthomologist chair yesterday having my once every three-year eye exams. I love the test…. let’s see how well I can read the small print!
I know that there have been some vision changes…I like bright light to read or knit, and have to grab the magnifying glass for really small print…Otherwise I don’t have any problems…

The verdict.

Perfect! 20/20…gorgeous macula…beautiful retina…great blood vessels…perfect optic nerve…no cancer…no diabetes…and the lens of my eye still has plenty of flex.

And, the slight astigmatism I have serves to make me a bit more nearsighted…so I don’t have to hold print so far away 🙂

I do take care of my eyes. No eye makeup or creams that sting, lots of bright sunlight every chance I get. I’ll only use sunglasses if driving distances on bright days, or when around water so I don’t squint too much…I think my attention to diet and supplements helps a lot too…

Anyway, I love good news and thought you might too.

I’m wondering if my scores might even improve over time… of course, the doc is a regular conventional guy who would most likely say that diet and supplements and specific eye exercises could not improve eyesight. I think there is a chance that they can.

I especially like Astaxanthin. Has anyone else used it? What do you think? I’ve also taken breaks from computer screens…the longest one lately when I was sick back in November and December…my eyes really appreciated the break…I think I’ll do that again fairly often.

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