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What You Pray For

July 11, 2011

I believe in God’s provision for my life and the power of prayer.
I believe in an angel guide of our souls and bodies.

Those who do not believe in quite this way speak of manifesting and sending white light and visualizing outcomes.

I’ve learned to never underestimate the power of prayer, and never treat it as a toy or a magic wish machine that will give me anything that I want.
I also do not believe that I can bargain with God. The whole conversation that runs like this…”If I do this, then You do that” is dangerous stuff. For starters, the odds of me actually doing what I’m promising God is pretty much slim to none. You know, the old promise, “If I can have this thing that I’m praying for, I’ll never do so-and-so again”. Really? Can you do that? I sure can’t. I’m human and bound to fail. Best not to make those promises.

All this said, I find it comforting to see glimpses of what I consider to be God treating me as an indulgent parent would a child. Not granting every wish and spoiling the child, just giving a treat and sign that he is listening and loves and protects me. It is often my heart’s delight.

Just in the past few weeks we have been thinking of tables….I’ve wanted a round pedestal table, with leaves, in a nice wood. it would be great if it were not brand new so there would be none of the off-gassing issues which are common with new things. Well, several tables soon presented themselves.

You, gentle reader, might be tempted to say coincidence. I can tell you that before I began to focus on this and even to talk about it, tables were not presenting themselves.

There have been several in recent weeks.

One was very nice wood, with leaves that slid under the table…it was rectangular…I passed it by…Then there was a round (yay) one of unknown origin that was sold before we could call the seller. Then, yesterday! An estate sale, two doors from us. I got there at the very end of the day and there was one piece of furniture left… guess what that was? The table was offered with six chairs. Four high ladder-back chairs with cane seats, and two Hitchcock chairs that belong to the table, which is also Hitchcock. Included in the deal are table linens, some never used, for just a few extra dollars…All pieces are in excellent condition.

A fun extra bonus in this little adventure is that we have met a local woodworker! When we are ready to build our house we may want to hire a woodworker to build a few things for us.

Do you have a story to share?

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  1. Lanie permalink
    July 11, 2011 8:25 am

    hi liz,
    it happened to me so many times, that its too many to mention, but I will share one recent experience. I was praying for a good dentist for my daughter… not necessarily one who claims he is holistic, or bio dentist as such, but one who have a good heart and a good head on top of that heart. I just prayed for it… and of course I did some research. What’s so ironic is that I found this particular dentist not via Google, but literally just on top of my nose— a colleague told me that his friend (a dentist) was awarded by the government of Singapore by conducting clinical studies on Caries Risk Assessment….then I said, say what? “Caries Risk Assessment”,,,and asked her what is it about Caries Risk Assessment and she explained to me that this dentist (conventional) is specialising on preventive dentistry particularly for children… and that he is motivated to find the root cause rather than prescribign a gamut of cosmetic and invasive treatment plans…

    last year, I also prayed for a nurse who can visit my mother at home (pro bono) to monitor her vital stats (as I was down to my last cent). I went for my own annual screening test, and the nurse practitioner, came to me and said my medical report shows that I am extremely stressed (adrenals) and she can see that I am indeed stressed, so I told her that my mother have had her mastectomy (diagnosed with cancer) and told her that she is recuperating at home. To my amazement, she effored to visit my mother every week for free– and she did that weekly visit for 3 months!!

    And I am not sure whether its a coincidence — 2 years ago, I prayed for a long dining table– one that can sit 4 people — and can be expanded to accomodate 10 people… as well as a nice China cabinet to go along with it. I found an Ikea table just like what I described and bought it. A year later, my ex- boss gave me a $2,000 dollar worth of China cabinet. I just wished for a china cabinet not a very expensive china cabinet, but I did get it.

    power of prayer!

  2. Pat permalink
    July 26, 2011 3:49 pm

    Hi, Liz. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. And also thanks to Lanie for sharing her stories.
    Love, Pat

  3. July 26, 2011 5:13 pm

    Pat! Thanks for the visit 🙂
    Lanie writes a wonderful blog… click on NanayMiriam’s blog in the list to the right, if you have some time. Enjoy!

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