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Cheering Audiences

December 13, 2010

I’ve been thinking of what could possibly be better than two different audiences cheering for two different concerts in one week…and while there are some close runners-up, cheering audiences is pretty hard to beat 🙂

Last Sunday, the 5th, Tim and I sang Carmina Burana with the Oberlin Musical Union to much cheering, and this past weekend I had the opportunity to sing Messiah with my former chorus in DC. Once again, much cheering!

Actually, since I’m thinking of cheering right now, I was doing some of that myself this afternoon as I had a chance to see my live blood under the microscope. I’m happy to report that my immune system is doing great! I just love seeing those white blood cells running around kicking ass and looking for troublemakers! You go guys!
I’m ramping up encouragement for my lymph system, which live blood tells me is a little stagnant… I’ll be paying more attention to that…back to dry skin brushing and bouncing on the exercise ball. I think I need to figure out how to get an infrared sauna… that helps clean up all kinds of stuff.

I’ve just returned from the oncology office and CBC counts look great… in fact, better than they have looked in 2 years. Along with the standard blood that the oncology office wants, I’m also testing vitamin D and two thyroid antibodies. I’m looking at thyroid because my neck is so red in the thermography pictures, and I’m taking iodine, which , while good for thyroid, is not good if there is an auto immune Hashimoto syndrome going on… just checking. I also had blood drawn for Spectra Cell Lab… they will give me a report on vitamin and other nutrient levels in my blood. I had this done shortly before the cancer diagnosis. this will just give e a snapshot of how my antioxidant levels are, and how much oxidative stress my body is under. Too much oxidative stress and it can be hard to kill cancers. I think I can expect results in two weeks or so.

I’m traveling right now and don’t have easy access to the computer…More later if I can…

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