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Bio-Terrain : Act One

August 23, 2010

Well, well, well…..I’m still traveling and today saw my surgeon, who says everything feels fine… and next month (or so) when I get the port removed, she wants to do an ultrasound. I’m a little lumpy…I think it is just scar tissue with the usual fluid cysts thrown in. If I don’t keep after the scar tissue, with massage, it tightens up and feels lumpy. I have not had any scar massage done in a while…So guess what I’ll have done?

After that bit of fun, I went to see Donna Mitchell for some live blood and Bio-Terrain labs…This is where the well, well, well, comes in. I think today was about the worst report I have ever had…My urine and saliva ph were flipped, my white blood cells, which are normally kicking ass, are just sitting there. This is not good… it means my immune system is not exactly working right now… My system is acidic, minerals and electrolytes and blood pressure are low. Thyroid out of wack. (I’m having conventional thyroid blood tests drawn tomorrow.) There were so many things out of balance that I cannot even remember them all.
I already knew that my stomach and whole digestive system are in an uproar. I’ve been paying special attention to taking digestive enzymes and probiotics.
There were no critters in the wet blood, but something is still showing up in the dry blood. What was a concern were red blood cells that seemed to have a cell wall integrity problem.
I’m still throwing off heavy metals… it’s kind of interesting to see that reflected in the dry blood slides…Looks like a grey mist with some dark speckles in it. This is a good thing, by the way!

So, what to do? I think I’ll have to wait for another time to detail that… I’m sitting in Starbucks (free wi-fi) and typing this. I’m meeting a friend for dinner in about 30 Min, so I really don’t have much time…

Let me just end with this, so no one worries too much…

Donna and I, along with another gentleman, who did some very new and detailed frequency testing on me, including testing supplements that I take, in order to determine which ones resonate best with me right now, have devised a plan to help me support myself and get back on track. Have to go now 🙂

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  1. mom permalink
    August 23, 2010 8:54 pm

    So happy that you posted the results of your appointments today–waiting for news is brutal!! Great news from your surgeon. Hopefully, you’ll get new insights from the other tests that will help the other concerns to be resolved. Love you always—Me

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