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Coming and Going

July 17, 2010

Everything in life is about flux and flow. I’m needing to keep reminding myself of that a lot in these days of…well….flux and flow.

This week, in particular was a great example of such…Just as one of my new friends moved from Oberlin, for good, several of my friends from Virginia arrived for a visit. I mean to say that these two events happened within an hour of each other. I brought my departing Oberlin friends to the airport, and met my Virginia friends back here at the Inn as soon as I arrived back in town.
We had a great visit and I had fun showing them around and visiting a local garden that I had not taken the time to see yet.

I’m terribly sad about losing a friend and neighbor, at the same time understanding that it is not good for people to remain where they are very unhappy. The energy of unhappiness is too much for me to stand up to, especially since I am spending every ounce of my energy working to make a happy life where I am.

Even in the world of objects change happens….I just replaced the old, cracked, and probably dangerous glass jar that I’ve been keeping kitchen utensils in for the past twenty years, with a brand new white enamel container… looks good too. Poor old glass jar…Our kitchen is small, and I keep the long handle utensils on the stove…. The heat from the electric burners was just too much for the ‘ol glass jar. That old jar was special to me… I remember where and when I bought it… at a flea market for one dollar. sigh…..

Anyway, I just felt like musing a bit over these thoughts and wondering about life in general…..

How about you? How do you feel about or deal with loss and change?

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  1. Martha permalink
    July 27, 2010 4:35 pm

    I hear you. Friends are a key to breathing fresh air, gaining perspective, and sharing chores. I look forward to hearing about new friends that lift you up and make your world a better place to live.

    I am looking for more local friends, too.


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