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Thermography Study Next Week

June 15, 2010

Next Tuesday I’ll be driving about three hours to Michigan to a new place for breast Thermography. This time, yay, I’ll have company on the drive! A friend from town is going with me and having it done too! Road trip!

For those keeping score at home…Last year, in May, I had thermal pictures taken and I scored TH-5 (the worst). By Last December I had improved that score to TH-3… much better. TH-1 is the goal.

The office sent me some guidelines concerning what not to do before the pictures are taken…things like no physical exams, no sunburns, no lymph drainage or massage for two weeks… yikes… guess I’ll have to stop fluffing the girls… Read more about how to do that here

Anyway, long neglected blog… There is lots and lots to write about… and some pictures on the way…Life is good and challenging…
More later 🙂

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  1. Bob permalink
    June 21, 2010 11:48 am

    Good luck with the thermography, which I have been reading about in the science columns of the general press, not to mention a piece on the overuse and dangers of CT scans.

    Good to hear that the TH number is getting lower. Maybe prayers help; your name is mentioned in our church every week. I’m a big believer in the support that prayer can provide, and I hope you are getting plenty.

    In the opposite direction, it was great to read that “life is good”. Made my day and helped keep my own challenges in perspective.

    Happy summer solstice! I think we should retire out your way, but we’d go right on to the western border of Eastern Time. We love these long evenings of daylight. Gardening until almost nine last night.


  2. angela permalink
    July 26, 2010 11:14 am

    Hope the thermography went well. I have a question about it and thought this was a good place to ask in case others need to know too. My friend just got thermography done and scored a T 3. what do the different levels mean? Do you know or is there a good reference to find out?

    one more question…. what is the detox stuff you are using for mercury? I remember you said it is slow but gets everything out meaning it grabs more than just the mercury. I am interested in doing it.

    Let me know when you guys want to come over and check out the “all natural” mattress.

    Angela : )

  3. July 27, 2010 8:23 am

    Hi Angela! The thermography results are graded on a scale from one to five, with one being the best and five being the worst. Thermography is not recognized as a diagnostic tool. It seems clear that there is something going on. If your friend is willing to improve diet and take some targeted supplements, I think a three can be reversed. If she can talk her doc into an MRI to see other images of the breast that would be good too. You know how I feel about mammography…’nuff said there…
    I’ve done several things to address the heavy metals… first, I had my levels checked to see how bad the problem was. Get a kit from Doctor’s Data. I used oral DMSA, EDTA by suppository (Detoxamin brand), and OSR. I was also doing other things to assist the detox pathways so I would not be overwhelmed. Take it slow
    I’m looking forward to checking out the mattress soon!

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