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May Day

May 1, 2010
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Happy May Day! This morning, in the English tradition, I’m going singing madricals and songs and rounds. A small group of us are going to sing in a nearby street party. The group usually sings from the top of Finney Chapel’s bell tower … With the opening of the jazz center, and the presence of Bill Cosby and Stevie Wonder on campus, we cannot go to the tower….
Anyway… I thought it would be fun to post a couple of videos of two of the songs we will sing to day 🙂

Sing we and chant it, while love doth grant it Fa la la
Not long youth lasteth, and old age hasteth, Now is best leisure to take our pleasure. Fa la la
All things invite us, Now to delight us. Fa la la
Hence care be packing, no mirth be lacking, Let spare no treasure to live in pleasure. Fa la la

And another more serious hymn, the text of which is too long to print here… it is the creed.

Hope you enjoy the music! May is such a pretty month, especially around here…. the air is finally soft and fragrant with flowers.

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