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Live Blood Analysis

March 28, 2010

One of the most interesting things that happened during my visit was the live blood inspection. Looking at a drop of living blood under a microscope is so much fun!  Mine showed some really good and some maybe not so good things…. First the good.  My immune system cells are kicking butt!  There are lots of them and I could see that they had captured virus and I actually watched as one pulled something out of a red blood cell… very cool.  I still have critters though…There was one on the outside edge of the field…We thought that it might be an anomaly on the slide… I’m not so sure…it was pretty big and there were, for sure, critters in the dry blood slides…

Also interesting was that the red blood cells, many of them, were strange shapes…I think this is just a B vitamin issue, so I’m focusing on B.  Actually, I think I feel better already.

The most interesting thing to note on the live blood slide is that even though there were lots of white cells around, not one was noticing this rather large object on the slide…hmmmm…..

Parasites and protozoa, and spyrokeets hide in biofilm.  This makes them invisible to the immune system and they live undetected.  Very smart of them, don’t you think?

In order to make these critters visible, you need to punch a hole in the biofims… then the immune system can say AhHa! and the critters will die.  (we like that).  Sometime in the next few weeks I want to begin to experiment with that process.  I’m planning a juice fast, and possibly a gallbladder flush first.  It will be a bit of a slow process for sure because when these guys die off it can make the host (me) feel sick. I’ll be sure to write about the process as it is ongoing.

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