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A Couple of Really Long Overdue Updates

March 5, 2010

Remember the MRI and Thermal Scan that I had back in December?  Yeah, I know, been awhile…..

The bottom line is that the new was good…The delay is on account of wanting to have additional information before I posted…which has not happened yet, though may soon…Here are the results etc…

The score for the thermal scan was TH3!  This is really good!  Remember that it was TH5 last May…

The MRI result was benign… I’ve wanted to talk with the doctor who read the report to better understand the result.  I want to know how it is different…. I like mental images.  Anyway, I just have not gotten around to calling the hospital to talk with the doctor.  I’m going back to DC in a couple of weeks and will be at the hospital then for followup exams… perhaps then I can have the chance to see the pictures and talk with the doctor…..

I’m continuing on with everything I’ve been doing since last April…. I have a goal of TH2 for the next scan… have not set a date for that yet….perhaps in another couple of months…

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  1. Bob permalink
    March 7, 2010 10:18 am

    What good news; I had been reluctant to ask. I like to think that prayers help, but I’m sure your disciplined approach to the problem is a huge part of the positive developments.

    Your message comes just in time to give me a lift as we sing Vaughan Williams’ Mass today. Gloria in excelsis Deo!


    P.S. The knitting is beautiful.

    • March 8, 2010 1:07 pm

      Hi Bob 🙂 It is always good to have good news to share! I am hoping to have more details when I can get them… seems that I remember to call the docs after hours…rats!
      I don’t know the Vaughan Williams Mass… I love him though and can imagine how beautiful it must be…
      Did I tell you that Tim and I are singing Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms this term? I’ve sung it before and it reduces me to tears on a regular basis… Have you sung it?
      More knitting pictures are on the way 🙂

      • Bob permalink
        March 8, 2010 10:31 pm

        Liz –

        I’ve never sung the Stravinsky; I’ve heard it, and others in my chorus who have done it found it a very moving experience. Alas, I definitely should not attempt to offer help to Tim on that piece! (I think at one point you were going to be singing the Mozart Coronation Mass, no?)

        Are you and Tim familiar with the software program Audacity? It is a free download ( that enables you to play a CD or an MP3 file at a slower speed without changing the tempo. I wonder if it would be helpful to Tim for the notes? I found it very helpful for a runaway part of the VW Five Tudor Portraits, which moves along hopelessly fast.

        On to Verdi Requiem, starting rehearsals tomorrow. A bit bombastic, though in many places very beautiful. Mustn’t sing too loud!



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