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Energy Medicine

August 18, 2009

I read an article recently about researchers being able to photograph visible light around people.  The amount of visible light changes through the day, weakest at 10am, strongest at 4pm, and declining after that till the end of the day…

I’ve come to find out, in the past couple of years that everything has an energy, or frequency.  Thoughts, food, medicines and supplements, and people, as well as disease, and it can be measured as well as felt.  If I have a frequency, or energy, it can be influenced by other energies around me.  I’ve actually measured this…It can be done electronically, as well as by testing muscle strength…Interesting…And I never would have believed it unless I had personal experience.

Have you ever noticed that some foods make you feel really good, and others not?  Or some people give you energy and some are exhausting to be around?  Could have something to do with energy.  Kineseology is easy…in fact, so easy  that it seems a little woo-woo (yeah, I was in that camp for a long time too)  Want to try?  Hold your arm out in front of you and have another person gently, but firmly press down on your arm…it’s not a strength contest, just see how strong your arm is…then, with your other hand, hold something against your body, a food, vitamin, medicine, and have your friend push your arm down with the same intensity as the first time…is  your arm strong or weaker? Some items will have a frequency that will make your arm weak, others, strong.

I really came to have more confidence with this after seeing it demonstrated electronically on me.  It is fascinating to see the needle swing way up when I was holding one item than another where it would sag way down…clearly, I was happier around some foods and vitamins and essential oils more than others…

Same goes for thoughts and intentions and prayer…I’m getting a lesson, right now, in intentional thinking.  and the power of prayer.  Some, outside a position of belief in God, call it manifesting or visualizing.  I have not yet figured out the differences in the two view points.  I’m not sure they are mutually exclusive, though prayer involves a relationship with God, sometimes involving asking for desired outcomes, and visualization/ manifesting involves seeing a desired outcome as already complete, and does not involve asking.   Another difference being that visualization could be seen as being done with our own strength, and a person of  faith in God would say that we cannot do things with our strength alone.  over- simplified, I know…

Did you know that patients who are prayed for by their doctors get better more often than those who are not prayed for?  The patients had no idea they were being prayed for, by the way…

but I digress….

The point is to correct those frequencies that cause dis-ease physically and emotionally, and spiritually…it can be done by using substances and means that correct an energetic frequency, and by radically changing thoughts and point of view.

I’ve not taken this blog into these areas up till now…been focusing more on harder sciences…I have, however, committed to talking of all aspects of the healing journey, and every avenue I use, and here is a beginning to this discussion.

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  1. Bob permalink
    August 18, 2009 3:27 pm

    Your last two postings provide a lot to think about and respond to. My first reaction to your plans to go to Pittsburgh and DC was actually anger — that you have to go through all that medical STUFF! Then I realized that being angry, even in support, doesn’t help you much, I simmered down and noticed that you are doing a lot of good things on the trip. Even singing Elijah — neat! And of course you must be glad to be seeing the people whom you know and trust with the medical issues.

    “Did you know that patients who are prayed for by their doctors get better more often than those who are not prayed for?” I’ve been meaning to tell you how I came to understand that, and it took a while. It’s why I have no hesitation in telling you again that you are in our prayers.

    More later, by e-mail including maybe a fun picture or two.

    Safe travel and good, good luck with the tests and such.


  2. Rich permalink
    August 19, 2009 6:04 pm

    Not to throw water but, I wonder if the act of praying by the doctor caused them to subconsciously give a better effort for that patient. Guess I want a God fearing doctor!

  3. August 19, 2009 9:00 pm

    Bob…thanks for the outrage 🙂 Just right. It does stink…big time…
    Have you ever sung Elijah?. There are a couple of very beautiful hymns, and, of course, The Baal choruses and finally, “He went in a whirlwind to heaven” beautiful music and very dramatic images. It will be nice to see it again.
    I’d love to hear the prayer story…and see some fun pictures…

    Hi Rich..Good idea…

  4. angela permalink
    August 19, 2009 10:44 pm

    A great post. I so agree. Hope things go well on your trip. We’ll be thinking of you.


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