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Travel to DC next week…

August 15, 2009

I really could not think of what to title this…nor do I really want to write it.   I would really rather sing or visit friends or lay in the sun than go to the doctor or deal with the never ending piles of paperwork and chores, or most of all the other things that never make it to the blog, some of which are difficult….grump.

I’m leaving for Virginia on Wednesday this week…stopping in Pittsburgh to retake the Thermal Imaging study.  We need to see  what it looks like now…Thursday I get to see Donna Mitchell!  YAY!  We will have a look and see what my live blood looks like, and do some Bio Terrain and frequency testing…useful to see how well I’ve been able to correct some situations, like parasites and infections, that showed up the last times…and see if my canSer numbers are down.

I’ll be attending a Re-evaluation Counseling workshop on Thursday night and all day Friday…

The next Monday Ruth and I are going to go see the surgeon.  I’m not going to agree to surgery unless really necessary..My goal for this visit is to discuss surgical options.  Later in the week I’ll get a blood draw and have a look to see if there is upward movement in tumor markers, and see what the rest of the metabolic panel looks like.

I’m thinking, right now, let’s see what these values are, and let me decide which surgical option, if any, I want.  It really comes down to do they need to do a needle localization no mater what…That is the procedure I want to avoid.

Meantime, I think it may be time for another PET Scan…I hate to submit to the raidoactive glucose and barium, so let’s see if the blood tests call for it, or if I just want to go ahead for my own peace of mind, or further staging in advance of final decision making about surgery…after the blood work results are in…if the canSer (yes, I spell it wrong on purpose) is making a move, that will involve other decisions, and I may decide to not have any surgery at all.

After all this, I’m going to sleep for a few days 🙂 and enjoy seeing some friends, Go and sing Elijah on Tuesday night,  get myself to The Falls Church for a restful, orthodox, rite one service (continued grumbling), maybe twice, and maybe figure out how to get a massage or facial (hello Comfort and Joy!).

I’ve got a dermatologist apt the following Monday…Yeah, it is a long time to wait and I’m hopeful that there will be a cancellation during the week that I can fill.  Thanks to chemotherapy, the gift that keeps on giving, (even at low doses), I may have lichen sclerosis resulting from the sudden drop of hormones because of treatment….it actually started right away after treatment, and got about as bad as it has been right before we moved out here to Ohio….There is a chance that the original diagnosis was not correct, so I’m going to see the very best Dermatologist I know and see what she says.  I’ve been treating it with essential oils with some very good effects…more about that later…

After all this fun, (well, some of it will be fun, I’m just feeling cranky today), I’m planning to drive back home via New Jersey.  My sister is celebrating her 50th birthday this year!  A momentous occasion, and I want to take her out for dinner, and have a little visit with my mother.

Ok, enough of this for now…I’ve got something else, Vitamin D related,   to put up in the next day or so…and I’ll have the computer with me when I travel, so I won’t be too out of touch.

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