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BCF Concert Day – Witnesses

August 1, 2009

We sing for an audience of friends, family, and music lovers tonight.  Tim has flown to Boston yesterday, and stayed with Bob (thanks Bob!) last night.  They should be here sometime during our dress rehearsal later this morning.

Again, many thanks to the Cain family.  Someone  drove Tim to the Akron airport after the funeral yesterday.  I won’t have details until later today.

Jessie and Sue are going to be here!  YAY!  They are good friends from our old home in Virginia.  They have been planning to attend the concert tonight from the first day I got accepted.  They are up here in New England visiting friends and sight seeing, and planned their trip around the concert.  I cannot wait to see them!

After the concert…

We did it!  The concert went really well!  Someone told me that there was a Russian Orthodox priest in the audience, and he had high praise for our diction.  I’m really pleased and excited…We took a little while to settle down, and had a bit of a slip in no. 4, and that was about the only difficulty…I’ll have to listen to the recording to determine how well we maintained pitch throughout…it is unbelievably difficult to maintain pitch for an hour of singing…and sustained notes and descending lines are the worst for going flat.  We did, I think, a better job int he second half of the work…even still, the first half was pretty good, especially seeing that we had not seen #3,4,5, or 14 till Thursday, and half of that at the night rehearsal…

Dale Warland was very pleased with us, and gave us high praise during the performance for several sections during the performance, and was very happy with us overall for the week.

I asked him to sign my score, which he did, and he said that he really appreciated how much I was looking at him when we were singing…(major scoring of points here for those keeping score at home!)  Needless to say, I was really thrilled

Even with any technical difficulties, the music was transcendent and beautiful, and the most thrilling experience with the most experienced  chorus I have ever sung with.

Tim and I will spend some time tomorrow visiting more with Jessie and Sue, then start the drive home.  We should be back home Monday night, I think.  I’ll drive for as long as I feel I can, and then we’ll stop for the night on Sunday.  I’ll check in here if I can, most places have wifi.  Right now…off to bed…feel too excited to sleep…I’m sure I will eventually:)

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  1. Martha permalink
    August 2, 2009 8:27 pm

    Heartfelt congratulations, Liz.

    It has been so neat to follow your blog this week. What a treat to have Jessie and Sue in the audience! So glad the words and the music you made ministered to you.

    May He uplift and protect you as you sort through all the things that got put on hold.

  2. Bob permalink
    August 3, 2009 10:21 am

    Liz –

    Your report isn’t the half of it, modest alto! From the audience, the performance was stunning — disciplined, incredibly articulate and for me emotionally draining. Glorious strong alto lines. I had tears in #s 3, 5 and of course in the final measures.

    Final score from my perspective: Liz and my friend John(OK, and the rest of the singers): WAY off the chart. Rachmaninov and Warland: 100 (not a zero sum game, and the music and direction were also pretty great).

  3. August 4, 2009 7:30 pm

    Hi Martha, Yes, it was wonderful to have old friends, and new come and see the concert…Especially since we just left our old home. It was healing and provided a sense of connection of past to present to see Jessie and Sue and Bob at the concert. Thank God

    Bob…What a great review! You know, someone had to tell me that we got a standing ovation at intermission? I was so involved in the music and the performance of it that I never even noticed. This was, truly, the most important performance I have ever done, both musically, and personally.
    I’m so glad that you were there because I know how much you love this music too. I am still in awe of what we were able to do in a week.

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