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BCF Friday – All Rachmaninov, All the Time…

July 31, 2009

Whew!  So…the score continues to improve…I’m getting more comfortable with the text at speed…Still have major trouble at no.12 , measures 88-102. (Bob will know!) The Alto part is really intense there…I’m still working on it…I really want this few pages for the concert.  I rehearsed with another chorus member…a native Russian speaker, and even SHE was stumbling in the text.  The translation of the text here is “Lord have mercy on me…”  All I can say is “Amin” to that!

We finally finished seeing all the music last night…The rehearsals are going well, and Warland continues to like the Altos…Last night at dinner he gave me a really nice smile. (good sign?) He has actually pointed to some and scolded. (gulp)

The network connection here is very flaky…I’m on my way to get some breakfast before rehearsal, and will try to update here tonight…I’ll check midday.  Yesterday the connection was down all day after the early morning…If at all possible, I’ll check email and update the blog tonight

The after supper update:

Concert tomorrow!  We had a time of it this morning in rehearsal…not able to keep up with changes in tempo, always flat, and generally awful…There were a few oh my gosh moments because if any of those things happen in performance it would really not be good.  Warland was concerned, I could tell, though still praising us in what we were doing well…It is not a good idea to give a chorus the idea that you don’t believe in them, or like them…It was interesting to see him walk that line with us.  He is very demanding, though I can identify a few technical things that he is letting go…like not breathing ahead of the beat…bigger fish to fry, we’re not too bad…I’m just noticing it in myself, and a few around me…I try to remember…this is a very experienced chorus, for sure.

We are taking this very seriously, and many were working on trouble spots around lunchtime.  We met in the concert space this afternoon…nothing like a little terror…”omg…we have to sing this to an audience tomorrow” to sharpen up a chorus…Also, we don’t ever want to dissapoint the conductor.  It is a very big deal to sing for Dale Warland, and BCF has been trying to get him here for a long time, and he will not ever come back if he cannot get a good chorus here.   We were sooo much better.  In fact, we finished early…Happily, Warland did not over rehearse us…we are a little tired…sooo after running the work and correcting some things, and then running the entrances of all the sections, we were let go about 20 min early.  There were times when he looked very happy with us….which beats the wanting to strangle us look all to pieces.

And, the language is finally sinking in for me!  I’m finally able to be off book for sections, and just gently referring to the music, instead of reading…thank God, because the music lifts and swells, and yikes if I’m the one left behind.  Besides, if he is looking at me, I want to be looking at him, and I prefer a smile to a scowl!  The final score is not in yet, though it looks like I’m gaining on ‘ol Rachmaninov.

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  1. Bob permalink
    July 31, 2009 11:07 am

    “measures 88-102” But think how great it’s going to sound (and you will have that part down, I’m sure)

    “Last night at dinner he gave me a really nice smile. (good sign?)”
    What if he winks at you?


  2. Martha permalink
    August 1, 2009 4:17 pm

    The big day is here! Looking forward to hearing the results!

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