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Some Initial Notes From BCF

July 28, 2009

So far  so good…This is a really good chorus.  Yesterday Frank had us sing warmups on E…He did not have to correct us to get us to sing a more vertical vowel…He was pleasantly surprised.   I was too…placement of this vowel is always corrected in initial warmup.
This is not only the most beautiful music, but also the most terrifying…It is so exposed, and the text so dense…We are seated by section, in  alternating rows…A1,front, A2 next, Tenor third. etc…the bass and Baritones are behind the Sopranos.  I have the most divine tenors behind me.  I’d love to have an A2 behind for support, but alas…I just hope I don’t torture the poor alto in front of me when I sing a clunker.  So far Dale Warland has not pointed to me and said get out…I know that directors can hear every single voice…gulp.

There is not much time to write, so when I can, in the next few days I’ll jot some notes so those of you playing at home can keep score…so far, Rachmaninov 10, me 0…I’ve signed up for a practice room this afternoon for an hour…map out a few trouble spots.

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  1. Bob permalink
    July 28, 2009 2:25 pm

    “so far, Rachmaninov 10, me 0”

    I don’t believe it! It’s going to be an awesome performance.

  2. July 28, 2009 4:34 pm

    Hey honey- if your score is right side up you get at least 1 point! 2 if you’re on the right page! The phone rang with a 202 area code this afternoon- thought it might be you- but my ‘hellos’ went unanswered… Hope you’re having a blast- and I’m looking for a final score: Rach 10- Liz 11!

  3. July 28, 2009 9:34 pm

    Hi Liz…yes…it was me :). ok, so I can for sure say that the score was right side up all day…and most of the time I was on the right page…so progress is being made. Improved scores to follow…

    Hi Bob 🙂 All I can say is Can you believe how many words the altos have to sing in no.12? it is totally kicking my butt right now…it’s the combination of the tempo and rhythms …And, shall I say, The voices in this chorus are outstanding. We sound really good…Warland said that he was so excited by our sound that he had trouble sleeping last night…
    Would you email me the name of your friend? I want to say hi…

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