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BCF Tuesday

July 28, 2009

Know why there are so many words in this music?….it is because there is so much to believe 🙂  Not my original joke…actually heard it from my favorite choral director …he says it about the creeds, in music,that are really long…Cracks me up every time I think of it!

The Church Slavonic coach here is wonderful…pure diction…sweet disposition…I’ve been showing up in her classes, and will do so again tomorrow.  There are waaayyy too many consonants in this text…could I buy a (Italian) vowel please?  I see all those consonants coming at great speed, and there is a train wreck in my mouth.

I attended a master class for the apprentice conductors this afternoon…we sang no. 6 and no.7.  no 6 is the one that I have a youtube video of here on the blog…It was fun to sing in a more relaxed setting, and I did very well…Also fun to see how Dale Warland instructed the students in conducting techniques as they directed us.

I’ve been dealing with a headache for the past couple of weeks…yes, weeks…And today I got a massage…What a big help!  The massage therapist said there were some lymph nodes clogged up…no wonder…she drained them, and did some work on head and neck…my head feels so much better.  I was just all out of sorts…I got a little rest this afternoon in preparation for tonight’s rehearsal.  It went better…might have something to do with my feeling a bit better now…hope it lasts.

We were singing No12  at measure 75  “Blagosloven yesi ghospodi Nauchi mia opravdaniyem Tvoim”  (Blessed art thou, O Lord, teach me thy statutes).  Big dramatic moment for the altos…Warland looked over with approval (yay)  I thought he might have looked at me, but I can never tell…At least if  I’m looked at, I want to be doing it right…And I can DO this part 🙂 (I think that counts for a point…don’t you?)

Ok, just wanted to give some highlights and jot some thoughts at the end of the day…There is not enough time to edit these posts much…sooo..please forgive…This is pretty much off the cuff.

Off to bed…more tomorrow.

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