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The Vitamin D Project

July 17, 2009

The vitamin D project is what Tim and I are calling our, and especially my, attempts to get my levels of vitamin D into a more therapeutic range.  I hope you will have a look at the video. Dr. Mercola explains in lots of easy to understand detail, all about this important hormone which regulates about 2000 genes.

Vitamin D is best gotten from the sun.  Sooo…Tim and I are spending time in the sun, in the middle of the day.  We go to “the beach” as we call it, for about 30 min, and get as much skin as possible in the sun.  I’m getting tan in places hitherto never tan before with about 90% of my skin exposed to the sun…So far I don’t think the neighbors are selling tickets 🙂 It is very important not to burn, so 30 min is perfect…just enough to pink up the skin, and not enough to burn it.

20 to 30 minutes in the sun will produce 20,000 IU of vitamin D.  Pretty impressive.  And, exposure to the sun will not make me toxic.  The body knows just what to do with the sunlight…UVB makes the vitamin D in the cholesterol in the skin, UVA destroys excess vitamin D…perfect.  the big news to me in all this, is that the process to make the vitamin D, and get it into the bloodstream can take up to 48 hours.  And, soap will wash it away…so…no soap on the skin for two days after sun exposure.

It is very important to monitor vitamin D levels, and serum calcium levels if taking an oral supplement…Last April myVit D level was 35.4 and serum calcium was 9.2.  The range for serum calcium  is 8.5 – 10.6..  Ideal vit D for me, as a canser babe, is higher than 60.  I’m shooting for 80.   In April I started taking 15,000 IU a day.  If I’m out in the sun I don’t take oral supplements.

I’ve just taken another test…a blood spot test produced by the vitamin D council.  I just sent it in this past Tuesday…We should have news by next week.  Later this summer I’ll have another regular blood test and will report the results.

There are a couple of really important things to know about testing…Only have Labcorp do the test.  Quest has a problem with it and the results are not correct…Next, make sure it is a vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy test.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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