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Gardens and Bicycles

May 27, 2009

First news first…Still waiting for Thermal Imaging results…sigh

Meantime, just a few words about some fun things…I think I had mentioned at some point that there is a garden plot at the back of our yard…Very overgrown at this point…well, there are two women in this house who like to garden, and the three of us have begun clearing part of the space to plant it.  Sophie is a master gardener, and I have much to learn.  Tonight we will dig some more and perhaps get in a couple of tomato plants that I picked up yesterday.  they are ready to get in the ground.  I’m off to a local nursery and get some compost and some seed pots…bio degradable pots…just put the pot with the plant into the ground…easy on the plant.  I also found a few Stevia plants and the store gave me a couple of Basil plants that look pretty weak. it is great to have help with the garden, and we will share the space

And, the bike from the garage…David had a look at it and put some grease on it and, with some cleaning of some rust on the rims(still yet to do) it is road worthy.  it has hand brakes, which I don’t trust, so I’ll ride up and down on Oak street for a while to see if I can get used to them…I have not been on a bike in ages.

I’m off to the nursery now…

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