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Here in Oberlin….

May 17, 2009

Well, I think some of the dust is beginning to settle…there are fewer boxes around..good new for Tim who is getting pretty bruised from bumping into things…There is, of course, lots more to do.  Furniture to arrange,  pictures to hang, and curtains in some windows,  in attempt to make this place a home.  I do really like the apartment.  Much nicer than our Arlington Apartment.

We are settling in nicely so far…meeting really nice neighbors who have been extra welcoming in helping me unpack.  The music around here is really wonderful (as you might expect).  I went out the other evening and heard drumming.  Commencement is next weekend, and we’ve been briefed on all the activities in town, one of which is some sort of drumming thing on the square…Well, I just had to investigate 🙂  We found the source, must have been rehearsal for next weekend.  It was fun to stand around and just watch and listen for a bit on a nice night.  Must have been six really large drums and several smaller ones.  Perhaps 14 total players…they were big fun to watch.

I’m keeping an eye on several very young tomato plants for Sue…and I mean little!  I’ve put them out in the sun for the afternoon…have to take them in tonight…frost advisory…I’d love to see them actually grow larger…right now they are in little plastic cups.  Our downstairs neighbor is planting a raised bed outside the door…very nice.  She came up to see my fern last night…poor has not been happy about the move…for that matter, it has not been happy for the past three years..less than ideal conditions in terms of light.  She gave me some super fertilizer, and in a few days I think we will re-pot and give it some new dirt.  I want to find some pine bark mulch and peat moss first.  It loves an acid soil.

I’ve been trying to get some rest in the afternoons.  So I’m going to do that more now…

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