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What Was I Going to Title This?…or, Moving Updates

May 3, 2009

At some point today I think I had a funny or clever title for this blog post…Must have put it down someplace…can’t find it…

It is so encouraging to see so many checking this blog to see if I have surfaced yet…I’m online courtesy of our new downstairs neighbors, David and Diane, who not only gave us the password to their wireless network, but also spotted us a pan and measuring cup so we can make tea and oatmeal (plastic spoons so far), and a hard wired phone because, so far, we cannot find the base unit for our wireless phones.  I hope to get the kitchen settled in the next couple of days. Pray that Tim finds the phones 🙂

So, now for a couple of updates…the move went pretty well despite the rain, which came down pretty hard a couple of times.  We were able to get everything moved into the garage of the house that we wanted, with room to spare.  It is really nice to have some of the furnishings of our town house back with us again…I attempted to get the shelves into the china closet today and decided to try again tomorrow…it is a tight fit.   So…we are completely surrounded by boxes…we cannot find anything, and we are pretty tired.  I’m afraid to check my email…I’ll bet I’ve got a bunch.  Came here first.

On moving day we got some coffee for the movers from the downtown coffee shop.  I wanted some kind of a thermos, and they sent Scott and Angela home with a thermos and said “Oh just return it when you are done”  No deposit, just our word that we would return it.  I just love that!

Yesterday, Saturday, we went downtown to see a parade.  Lots of fun.  Handmade floats, lots of colorful costumes and everybody from the Hari Krishna to the Humane Society (no kill btw) was there, including lots of children, the high school marching band, a couple of goats, and the Lawn Chair Drill Team from the local assisted living community were in the parade.  There is a very local place that raises and sells grass fed meat.  They fed everybody for free, and also had some veggie options to a burger or brat.  I was amazed.

Today we went to St Luke’s near Akron…a mixed blessing…excellent music, great readings, and then one hour (@##@!) of announcements.  Neither Tim or I could quit tell when the sermon actually started…sigh…Oh well…We got to stop by and visit Karen and Roy for about an hour…I’m pretty tired, and just made it home to crash for a couple of hours.  We are eating out, as you might imagine…There is a very good place for salads in town.  It seemed the right thing to do to attent town things and church…it is just cutting into unpacking time.

Our next door neighbors brought by some homemade rolls yesterday with a note saying welcome to Cedar Street…Sue offered help if we need it…I think I’ll call her…I really want to get the kitchen shelves lined and the kitchen unpacked and put away.  Help is seriously needed.

I’m not really sure what we are doing this week, besides the obvious…I’ll get online and tell all as often as I can.  I’m a little home sick.

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  1. Martha permalink
    May 4, 2009 7:54 am

    Dear Liz and Tim,

    I’ve been checking for a post. Delighted to get one today. You have arrived in one piece with you belongings even if their location is still a mystery! What an accomplishment.
    May the essentials pop up quickly. May you have the energy to create good order. May you have the wisdom to know when to recreate or rest. May your new place be filled with Him and with music. It’s OK to miss the people and place you left behind. We miss you, too.
    Love and Hugs,

  2. Karen Cain permalink
    May 4, 2009 3:12 pm

    I’m delighted to see the blog. Also, you made it back before “falling asleep”. You’ll get into a “rhythm of doing things” before you know it, I’m sure. Love, Karen

  3. May 5, 2009 2:21 pm

    Sounds like life in a smaller town is going to be just peachy. New churches are always such a treat – you never know what to expect! Your tale of 1-hour of announcements reminded me of my top two new church experiences: first, the free-form memorial service for a friend of ours where everyone came, sat down, and said what they wanted to when and if the spirit moved them. It did not move very many of us. I left at the 2.5-hour mark – things were still going strong (well, mostly uncomfortably silently strong). But my all time favorite New Church Experience visit was the one where the surprises were (a) ushers locking all the doors for the sermon and the offering; and (b)the length of the service, clocking in at 3 hours and 10 minutes. It is good to hear from you guys!!

  4. May 5, 2009 9:02 pm

    Hi Martha – I’m so glad for your comments…yes, we have been taking time off and resting and, thank God we are finding things! Like a giant jigsaw puzzle!

    Karen, home just in the nick of time…eyes pretty heavy on the way home 🙂 I think we are both beginning to feel a little better…It was so good to see you…next time, a longer visit!

    Meg, hi honey! locking the doors for the sermon ?! I’ve been having a laugh about that one…thanks! I guess this could take a little while…

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