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The Countdown(s) begin….

April 2, 2009

Hi all!  There are no words that could overstate the excitement and stress of the past month, or the anticipation of the next couple of them…Here is the countdown…

The packers are coming to pack us on the 23rd of April…(22 days) ; The movers are coming on the 24th to put our belongings in storage containers (23 days);  We are going to hang around Virginia for a few days because I really want to attend every last rehearsal that I can of the Vespers.  That means that we leave for Ohio on Tuesday night the 28th (27 days); Our belongings…ALL of them…will be delivered to us, in Oberlin, on the 30th of April (29 days).

And then (drumroll please) there is the Birkshire Choral Festival countdown!  I’ll leave on the 24th or 25th of July…114 days!  It has been great to get the chance to rehearse this with NPC .  It is soooo beautiful!

Meantime, I’m enjoying springtime in Arlington…so beautiful here in the spring…The cherry and pear trees are blooming, and the wisteria is due soon.  I’m trying to stay grounded and calm…not an easy thing considering how hard it is to move away from friends and manage all the business things that we have to do…the list is endless…

IMPORTANT NOTE!  16 working days till Tim RETIRES!

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  1. Karen Cain permalink
    April 2, 2009 11:02 am

    Glad to see a posting from you. It is very exciting. Those of us in Ohio are anxious to see you, too. It’s a busy time in Ohio, too, so watch out. There are lots of summer birthdays, an eighth grade graduation, and a Sacrament of Confirmation coming up, too, not that I expect to see you at all dates. Lots of love and prayers that the move is a smooth one. Karen

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