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Lurking on My Own Blog

January 19, 2009

Sad, so sad…Every time I even think about writing something the urge passes quickly.  Here I am, lurking on my own blog.  (trying to keep  some humor afloat…how am I doing?)   Just tired I guess…It has been a hard week.  I’ve lost a couple of friends to cancer in the past couple of weeks…seems like lots of loss lately…and we had a tiring trip to Oberlin this week.  Here is the latest…

The house in Oberlin is a bust.  We were stunned.  It failed a structural inspection, big time.  We had to walk away.   Inspection happened last Tuesday and we drove home on Wednesday.  The only hope for this house is if the sellers want to unload it and will reduce the price a whole lot.  There is a little indication that they might be willing to talk about that.  We have not heard anything in a few days.    I’m hoping that later this week, when schedules get back to normal, I’ll catch up on chores and tasks that need doing around here, and catch up on some exciting blog posts that I have planned.

Mini Update: We just got a call from our real estate agent.  The house sellers want to get their own structural engineer in to evaluate the house…maybe they will fix it…maybe not…I don’t think we are interested in a house that is fixed…I think the problems are too significant and no “fix” will make it better.  This is in the hands of our wonderful agent, who, I think, is doing a great job for us.  Meantime we are filing paperwork to release us from the original contract and get our deposit back…More later when we have news.

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