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Feasting Schedule Guide

January 4, 2009
My juicer...

My juicer...

I love this juicer!  Twin gears get every last bit of jiuce out of veggies.  (and it juices wheatgrass) It is pretty easy to clean, though I don’t put any parts in the dishwasher.   It is solid on the counter and does not move when being used.  It looks pretty clean here 🙂

Here is what I do through the day…I base this on my favorite book, as I said yesterday…I adjust the times as I need to through the day and am done by 8pm no matter what.  The goal of this is to rest the digestion, so nothing after 8pm but water.

6am Essiac tea .  Healthfood stores have this.  Comes in a bottle, like juice.  I mix about 2 oz with 2 oz of warmed (in a kettle) water to take the chill off.

6:30 Ultraclear Plus.  This is a Metagenics product.  It supports both phases of detox and may help you feel better.  when you detox too fast and your body can’t keep up, you may not feel good.  There is more scientific language for all that…this is the super simple version.  You can get UltraClear Plus through NPs or similar medical people.  I’ve not tried contacting Metagenics myself.  They may be able to tell you who has an account with them in your area.

8:30 Bromelain

9:00 Veggie Juice

10:00 Apple juice and a fiber supplement

11:00Veggie juice

Noon Ultraclear Plus

1:00 Bromelain

2:00 essiac tea

3:00 veggie juice

4:00 Apple juice

6:00 UltraClear Plus

7:00 Bromelain

8:00 Essiac tea

That is the basic schedule.  in between, some chorella to help scavenge and bind the toxins released would be a good thing.   I like tablets of chorella because I don’t care for the taste. The schedule calls for a green supplement called Kro Green…I’ve never found it,  I have used some powdered green things and I don’t really like them.  I have a green powder called Bioraculous.  I get it from Donna Mitchell at His Design for Health.  The link to her is on the right.  It has the best taste of any that I have tried. I like it when I travel and can’t juice.

I also do two coffee enemas a day when I do this, and this week I have scheduled two colonics…in fact…I have to stop writing now as I have a date with my upside down coffee break 🙂  I’ll talk about coffee enemas and how to do one soon…betcha can’t wait for that one huh?


Read about Bromelain here –

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  1. January 4, 2009 10:20 am

    Thanks for writing this up, I woke up at 10am this morning so it looks like I am starting late… my whole house has a cold… yuck!! What is bromelain???

    I cannot wait to have my first colonic!! 🙂

    Peace & Veggie juice!

  2. January 4, 2009 11:36 am

    Hi Shandy…So sorry to hear that everyone has a cold..Sounds like sleeping late is the perfect thing to do!
    I try not to stress about the schedule too much…I use it as a guide. If I am able to have something to drink every hour or so, I don’t feel hungry. Feel free to modify this any way that works for you.
    I’m going on Wednesday for a colonic…I think I’ll write about it. I’ve done them before, so I’m not a virgin. I hope you tell me all about how it goes for you 🙂
    I posted something about bromelain just now. enjoy! And remember, every little step is a victory! peace and kale 🙂


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