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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2009

Out with the old!  In with January 🙂  It is time for some cleaning and clearing and new beginnings.  First things first…detox!  This means veggie juice…at lot of it…and colon cleansing…yeah, I’m going there…

The thing about doing detox, (and juice feasts are serious detox) is that toxins are released and once you do that, they have to get out of your body or you really won’t feel very well.  The fastest way out is through the colon.  The skin is another large organ of detox.  Dry skin brushing does the trick there, and it feels sooo goood!

2009 is going to be the year of raw food!  I’ve joined the 100 day raw food challenge at Raw Fu have a look at

I’d love to have you join me there, and leave messages here during the next hundred days.  One thing has become very clear to me over the past couple of months as I have allowed foods back into my diet that really have no business being there…I don’t feel as well as I did.  Period.  I’m just stubborn as  the dickens and get into looking at life and the pleasures of food with a backward looking, deprivation perspective…it sounds like “how could life be worth living without…” you can fill in a bunch of things in the blank.  Flipping my perspective to a joyous looking forward to happy healthy life filled with new and tasty food is the change of mind that I want.  I’m intending to use my stubborn and determined mind to achieve my goals.  Strong body and bright mind.

So…to start…a juice feast!  Fresh veggie juice  and freshly juiced apples several times a day.  Lots of fiber suppliment.  Rest the digestive system for a little while…I’m planning on 7 to 10 days…this week…starting now 🙂

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