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And Now…Back By Popular Demand…

September 7, 2008

er…ehem…ME 🙂  So, after hearing from a few people about where I’ve been and why I haven’t posted in so long…I’m back!

Let’s see…what’s new…Tim and I are looking ata house, and talking to a couple in Oberlin who might want to sell that house.  We have progressed, finally, to the next step, which is getting some video of the inside.  Scott and Angela will go over and have a look and take some pictures.  We have seen some pictures.  The eye witness account will be really good.  I think we like this house. Now, if we REALLY like this one, will they sell it to us?

The fall season for singing has begun, and I’m talking to voice teachers about some lessons.  And, I MUST learn to sight sing!  Come hell or high water…looks over shoulder… I’m so tired of hitting that wall.  It is a big deal in most auditions, and I’m a disaster at it.  My saving is that I learn REALLY fast and memorize the music.  I’m taking the advice of auditioning, often, very seriously and had one last week…did not get it…guess why?  Oh, and it seems that I need to practice singing complicated lines that don’t make sense (another pesky exercise)    It really makes me mad as heck when someone tells me they don’t think I could keep up with the pace of rehearsal because my sight reading is not good.  I haven’t noticed any inability to keep up with fast paced rehearsals…In fact, I enjoy them.  I can tell you that John Alexander, at the Birkshire Choral Festival, directed a lightening fast rehearsal.  It was very exciting and I came away from it memorized.  That is the power of an excellent director. Ooooooh!  Makes me mad!  I hate others setting my limitations for me.  And, though I’ve been singing, happily, 2nd alto, (I love to sing embedded in the Tenor section during performances…sooo much fun), all the voice building and range extension exercises are working, and my range is changed.  So now I’ve heard from three professionals in the last three months…Why are you singing Alto?  Oh great!  I always was a 2nd soprano in women’s chorus…of course that was ages ago….

So…never one to give up…I’m going to show up to sing an audition for the NPC singers (small group) tomorrow night…I’m not going to be able to sight read any better than usual, it will just be good practice doing the drill, singing in front of someone who is evaluating me.  I keep remembering that I did win the audition to sing the semi chorus parts of the Sea Symphony, and there was a fair amount of competition.

So, voice and sight reading lessons.  (Hi Mom 🙂  I know your are laughing!  you’ve seen me with my back up before)  Let’s kick this sight reading monster to the curb!  I’m meeting a couple of teachers in the area in the next couple of weeks.  Will keep you posted!

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  1. Martha permalink
    September 9, 2008 10:24 am

    Great to hear from you!

    Keep at it. Sight singing sounds like a clear achievable challenge. It is not my calling.

  2. September 11, 2008 2:44 pm

    I’m on my way!

  3. MOM permalink
    September 14, 2008 1:51 pm

    Liz–A little ticked, are we?
    All I have to say is, sight reading, LOOK OUT!!
    You will go around it, or under it, or over the top of it, but you will end up where you want to be.
    These must be very nervy people to try to tell you how you have to do what you want to do!! Imagine the gall!!!

  4. September 14, 2008 6:22 pm

    HaHa…yes, a little ticked indeed!

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