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July 8, 2008

It’s not like there is nothing to write about….Lots of new things to consider…We are still on the hunt for a house in Oberlin. We had a good possibility of a ranch house…it got rented out from under us…Oh, well…not that one. There is an apartment, in a good location…multi-dwelling house, on the second floor, good light (I think), washer and dryer in the apartment, all utilities metered to our apartment.  Can’t get our stuff out of storage, no dishwasher, no radiators…sigh…but we may take it when it becomes available.

Last weekend we interviewed a real estate agent who works in the county and liked her.  In the culture of the town that involves a lot of sale by owner and word of mouth sales I was not sure where an agent might work for us and not alienate the owners of a house we would like…I think this agent would have a good touch.  We do have time I keep reminding myself…despite the uncertainty of not knowing, real estate prices are dropping like a rock in Ohio, which is good for us as Byers.  We certainly do not want to over pay for a property.

There are a couple of houses to consider, and a hybrid heating system that may make houses that have forced air heat more desirable.  The hybrid heating system uses hot water and fits into existing ductwork…interesting…very efficient…don’t know how expensive.  Would work even better with radiators.

Anyway, all of this is exhausting and I’ve been avoiding the blog.  I sit to write and can’t begin…Think I’ll go hide under the covers now 🙂

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