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Saturday musings on bouncing

May 31, 2008

Thought a little update on the rebounder would be fun…I’m loving it!  I love to jump up and down!  My father used to take us to the YMCA when we were kids, and I loved the trampoline.  When we were even younger…the big thrill was jumping on the bed.  We were supposed to be asleep. (hee hee hee)  Picture three little kids, all under the age of 6 or 7,  not really tired…in a really small room that held three beds.  Life was good until one of the boards supporting the boxspring worked it’s way sideways, and fell to the wood floor with a very loud crash!  uh oh……we were in trouble now!  We had about 30 seconds to be asleep…we did it too (!)…as my father came up the stairs announcing that he was taking his belt off…you never saw three little kids be asleep so fast in your life!  I suspect there was a fair amount of giggling downstairs, and total amazement about how fast we could fall asleep.  After a few minutes, when the coast was clear,  more giggling could be heard from our little room too 🙂

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