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Interesting signs

May 26, 2008

It is coming up on two years since we sold our house. That’s not the interesting part….

Tim has a rather large library of recordings…books, radio shows, concerts, lectures…the list is long…some of it dates back 30 years.  There were more than 200 open reel tapes, and only God knows how many cassettes.  Part of the preparation for selling our house and moving included the transfer of all those tapes into a digital format so we could get rid of the tapes.  Tim worked long and hard on that project, often running tapes all day and night.  We actually sold more than 200 open reel tapes on ebay.  We gave away many sets of cassettes after transfer.  I really tried to avoid throwing them away.

We did move a couple of boxes of open reels and some cassettes here.  Well, they have been sitting.  We’ve been really busy the past year.  Off and on, Tim has brought the project to the front, figuring out what hardware might be needed, and repairing the open reel player, which gave it’s life in the last big push. 🙂

And now,….Tape transfer production has begun again!  Yay!!!  Feels like old times!  From the other room I can hear happy cries of “I knew I had this lecture somewhere!”  This is the same energy that preceded the last move.  Could this be a sign?

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