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We’re home!!

May 11, 2008

just got in , in fact…(at least at the original time of writing) Ok, let’s see how to tell all about what happened… We were expecting to have wireless access where we were staying and were unable. There must have been another layer of security on the network, and we could not get around it. We went to the local coffee shop to see email etc, and there simply was not enough time to write.

We had a good trip. Highlights were seeing two concerts (both FREE). One was an organ recital. A graduating student doing his senior recital. Amazing. The recital was performed on two different organs in two different chapels. What a treat! The second, on Saturday night was a jazz recital. Maybe 20 member group, mostly brass with a bass guitar and double bass and piano and several kinds of percussion. They were rockin! It was so much fun to go after dinner on Saturday, and then walk home after on safe streets.

We saw a few houses and one place that may be available to rent. Emphasis on MAY. it is actually a pretty nice apartment. Being renovated now. Have no idea when it might be finished. We thought it would have hard wood floors, but the owner has decided to put carpet on the floor. Some rooms have carpet that has a rather large pattern…hmmmm. He did not skimp on the padding under the carpet…very nice…and I did not notice the floors squeak. The apartment is laid out in a C shape because it is at the top of a flight of stairs that is in the center of the house. Every room has a door to the hallway landing. shortcut central. The kitchen is all new (not finished yet), though no disposal and no dishwasher. The house has just had a flood when a tenant left a window open during the winter and went away..(OMG) a pipe froze. I think the owner is a little twitchy about water stuff, so no dishwasher. The place gets great light and has radiators that have just been completely restored and repainted, and are the nicest that I have ever seen. The house is on the corner, so there are a couple of streetlights right outside. Could be an issue for sleeping at night unless we can somehow block the light. All our windows, except one room, face the front of the house. I’m working on a plan to cover the windows at night in case we get it. Oh, and there is a claw foot tub in the bathroom with a shower that is properly done.   None of this rubber hose run up to the D ring and attached with duct tape.  Amazing.

The story of what needs to happen to make it avail to us is pretty complicated. The owner actually lives in a smaller apt downstairs. He and his wife are renovating this apt to move in themselves. Meanwhile, they have another house that they rent. The renter there may not be able to stay for some financial reasons…If he has to move, the owner will want to move THERE. So…

Now for the houses – Remember that house with the sleeping porch?  We went to see it…While the house was very nice, I don’t think it is the house for us.  Price not withstanding, the house was way too formal and dark for me, and though it has a sun porch, it is on the north side of the house and we were concerned that it would be really chilly in winter, (which is most of the year!) and VERY small bedrooms.  Other houses that we looked at were not a good fit, and no others had radiators.  Some of the houses in Oberlin, in the neighborhoods that we are searching, are extremely large…way too big.  Others are way too small.  I’m feeling a lot like Goldie Locks.  I want one that is just right!  Somewhere between 2000-3000 spuare feet.  And we need to pray that we find out about a house we would want because I think, often, houses are sold by outgoing faculty to incoming faculty with no adds.   This one is going to take some prayer.  We somehow need to get information about these houses for sale.

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  1. Pat permalink
    May 12, 2008 10:03 am

    Welcome home. Even though you didn’t find THE house, it sounds like you have made progress. I’ll bet the right house will be there eventually. And two FREE concerts — how wonderful!

  2. May 12, 2008 12:58 pm

    Hi Pat! One of these days…I’ll post a little more about the trip perhaps later today…

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