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Ready – Set – GO!

April 15, 2008

Ok, Veggies ready.  Fast begins tomorrow!  This will be the third time this year for this.  I actually like it and am planning on at least a week.  I’ve lasted 10 days in the past and have wondered if I could do 2 weeks.  hmmm…  Think I’ll see how my body likes it this time.

I juice different veggies when I fast.  As I said, I follow the cancer battle plan.  Cabbage, carrots, beets and celery.  My usual is all green…kale, chard, celery, parsley, dandelion greens, cucumber,spinach, wheatgrass.

I really have been wanting to get here and write all week.  I’ve been reading a really good memoir of another breast cancer survivor.  It is called The Red Devil…I can’t put it down…I’ve been reading these memoirs, devouring them,  really, in my search to find others.  though this woman has had experiences that I hope I never do (God forbid), I search her words and experience and find similar reactions and experiences and emotions and thoughts.  I keep saying yeah…yeah…YEAH…oh my God, that’s right!  Thankfully, my friend, Laurie, sent a page with an announcement of a new book of hers that will be published in 2009…oh good…she is still alive!  That was what I really wanted to know.  This book has copyright of 1999.

Anyway…Let’s see if I can get 5 bunches of beets, 7 heads of cabbage, bunches of celery and carrots into the fridge!  thank God the apples (35) don’t have to go there!  But where to put them?!  Oh well, the fasting clutter goes away over the week…Stay tuned… 🙂

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