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It’s my First Anniversary!

April 4, 2008

YAY!!! Yippee!!!! Yahoo!!!! Whew!! It has been one heck of a year….Yep, April 4 last year…the day that rocked my world and started a lot of new changes.   My friend Donna came by and we had a veggie juice toast this morning.  yum…I just love dandelion greens in the juice!

I’ve had so many feelings about this passage and so much has happened….I’ve lost some friends to cancer in the past year, I’ve had another cycle of seasons to enjoy, my diet has changed even more than I had changed it before the diagnosis.

I’m different.

I’m very glad to be alive.

I’m also very grateful for all the support and friendship and cards and prayers and love that everyone has sent me this past year.  This blog has been great don’t you think?  I’m going to continue for a long time…The deal is, I learn it and do it, and I tell you so you can try if you want to…not a bad deal if you ask me.

I was going to search out a picture for this post…but not now…maybe later…more important to get this post up right now.

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  1. Anne & Larry permalink
    April 4, 2008 11:32 am

    Hi, Liz –

    I have been a “silent” reader of your blog since you started it. You & Tim have been in our prayers, and will continue to be.

    Have you read recent articles about fasting and chemotherapy? There is so much knowledge just waiting to be uncovered.

    Got to go – work just got a little busier…

    Love to both of you,
    The Lillys

  2. April 4, 2008 1:07 pm

    Anne! you little lurker! 🙂 I’m so glad you posted! I have not read much on fasting and chemotherapy..but I want to! Can you suggest an article or two to start? It is so important to try to keep your liver from suffering too much as it has to deal with the drugs.(not to mention all the other toxins it has to deal with)Fasting can really help flush out a lot of junk.

  3. angela permalink
    April 4, 2008 9:21 pm

    One year, that must feel awesome!!!! : ) We are so happy that you are feeling good. I also want to thank you for sharing all of your valuable information with us!

    I have been reading “A cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook” and it is packed with lots of good info about how to be healthy, its not just for someone with cancer, its for everyone!

    Oh by the way I noticed the brush I bought said “firm” so that may be why the dry brushing hurt! LOL I’ll have to find a softer one.

  4. Liz permalink
    April 4, 2008 11:14 pm

    YEAH LIZ!!! I’m so glad you’re still here- I just don’t know what I’d do without you!
    smooches to you!


  5. April 5, 2008 4:35 am

    Angela – whew – glad you saw that you had a brush that said firm. I don’t remember where you said you got it…Don’t get these things at a regular drug store. Go to Whole Foods or an independent health food store. I went one step further and asked when I got there so I made sure. Can’t wait to see how you do!

    Liz – I can see your smile sweety!

  6. Anne & Larry permalink
    April 7, 2008 10:50 am

    Ha – You ask the hard questions, Liz! I happened to notice a headline on Yahoo news last week. This morning I just Googled “fasting and chemotherapy” and came up with many results, but all for essentially the same article by Jennifer Warner on WebMD.

    The gist of the studies (in yeast, human cells, and live mice so far) seems to be that fasting puts normal cells into some sort of protective mode. Cancer cells, as we know, are like greedy 2-year-olds (“MINE!!!”), so they gobble up more of the chemo. At least in mice, it seems to translate into more effective chemo with fewer side effects. No human studies yet, but it looks at least from a quick read-through of the article, that this could be helpful.

    BTW, it looks like I deleted a line in my first posting… Congratulations! This is a great anniversary to celebrate!


  7. Karen Cain permalink
    April 7, 2008 2:31 pm

    May I add my congrats, too. How wonderful! I’m so glad. Liz, you have worked so hard to beat this and been rewarded. I’ll write more later. Wanted you to know you are still in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Karen

  8. April 7, 2008 2:50 pm

    Anne – those cancer cells are greedy little suckers all right! That is what makes IPT treatment so effective.I’m getting ready to do a little spring cleaning (a fast) pretty soon. Good for the good cells, bad for the cancer cells. I’ll post in the next day and get the ball rolling.

    Karen – We are doing the happy dance around here. It is nice to celebrate a little in the middle of continuing on. peace to you…let’s talk soon

  9. April 9, 2008 11:26 am

    Hi Liz,

    Congratulations! We are all so very happy for you here! Sending thoughts of love, peace, and happiness your way for a long and healthy life 🙂

    Rebecca, Dr. Ayre, and Kristine

  10. April 9, 2008 12:30 pm

    Hi Rebecca et al..! How are you guys? and where is Emily these days? You were oh so sweet to me and Tim last summer! You may be happy to know that my hair is growing in well…and has a little extra curl (no extra charge)!
    If you have time, have a look at sproutpsople link on the blog…They have the most amazing liquid fertilizer…your plants will love it.

  11. Pat permalink
    April 10, 2008 9:09 am

    Congratulations, Liz! You have lived this past year with courage and determination and have been an inspiration to me. I also appreciate all the education you’ve provided on this blog. Thank you, and best wishes for continuing, greater good health.

  12. Dean Gray permalink
    April 10, 2008 9:17 am

    A Year! Wow! Thanks for sharing, Liz. I’m so glad your getting better. Blessings.

    — Dean

  13. April 11, 2008 4:59 am

    Pat Thanks for your kind words. Thanks, too, for your ongoing help with our insurance issues. Don’t know what we would do without you!

    Dean – Looking forward to many more!

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