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February 27, 2008

I’m pleased to report that Janet (physical therapist extraordinaire), is very pleased with the progress of my arm.  She was really excited to see what I can do now.  I am too.  I’m still not close at all to being able to put my hand on my hip…lets give it a couple more months…  The object of the game now is to strengthen the muscles in my back that have not been used properly.  That will help the shoulder blade work.  Right now the shoulder blade is in the wrong position, and the joint at the shoulder is out.  The bones don’t come together properly because they are pulled out by muscles and tendons that are tight.  Please pray!  Actually, when Janet was asking me what I had been doing to get the good results I’ve been getting, I told her that a bunch of people are praying for this.  She said it’s working!  Keep it up!

I had another vit C drip yesterday.  I tried for the first time to use the Huber needle to access the port.  I can’t quite see it as it is just under my collar bone.  It’s a little out of focus.  It is necessary to hold the port tight and not let the skin slip over the top of it.  Not easy!  Anyway, I got the needle in but not in the right place( or maybe not straight).  I can tell if it’s not right because it continues to sting after the needle is in place, and I cannot push fluid through the line.  I had the doc. place the needle after that so I would not beat up my skin too much.  I was pleased with my first attempt to access it myself (and sweating bullets).  I’ve gotten good at the end of the process…clamping off the lines, flushing the port, and removing the needle.  Yeah!

I am hoping to be able to do these drips at home.  The Doc may be able to come here on her way home to set me up.  I am really hoping so.  I think it may be a good thing for her too.  May get her home more than an hour earlier.  She told me she would check out where I live and how that would work for her.  I hope she says yes…she lives a bit of a distance from her Lorton office and needs to beat the afternoon traffic.  I’ll continue to try to place the needle myself.  Next attempt is tomorrow!

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  1. Lori permalink
    March 1, 2008 4:49 pm

    Liz and Tim, I have been following your progress and continuing to pray for you both. You are always on my mind. I finally had some much needed down time this week from work and was able to catch up with some of the family news and e-mails. Sending much love your way. I will be in touch soon. Love, Lori

  2. Liz permalink*
    March 2, 2008 8:15 am

    Lori – How wonderful! Hope you had a restful time. We miss you.

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