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February 13, 2008

Still in a happy mood from all the birthday fun! It has been another exciting house week around here. Last Wednesday, my birthday, our kitchen began leaking into the downstairs apt. 😦 We were without the use of or kitchen sink for 5 days. sigh….Happily, it has been fixed…and it was not the stack, which would have been a very big deal indeed! We (I) had to carry water to the bathroom in a basin. Janet, my favorite physical therapist of all time, said “I hope you’re not carrying water?” uh, yes…..I tried to keep it light as possible.

Now that it is fixed…back to juicing, and soon, a fast! I have been slowly allowing some things back into my diet that really should not be there. Some wheat and dairy, and one of my favorite sins…COFFEE. I’ve noticed that I don’t feel as well…hmm. I’ve been reading blogs and a couple of cookbooks about eating raw. I get overwhelmed easily these days. Food is always an issue for me. I have some pretty big nourishment issues on physical and, I suspect, emotional and spiritual levels. Figuring out what to eat, and preparing it, (and wanting to), not cutting to the easiest route, is hard for me. I think I’ll have to take this in little baby steps so I can be successful and not fail.

I’ve been reading Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. Kris Carr says “My shrink taught me that cancer patients go through the same post traumatic stress disorder as soldiers or rape victims. At first I thought she was being awfully dramatic…but then it made sense. I was in total shock after my diagnosis. To be honest, that shock lasted several years, and even though I never had treatment and manage cancer on my own, at times I am still overcome by it” (Crazy sexy Cancer Tips / Carr, Kris, Skirt, 2007 pg.20-21)

After reading this I felt so much better! I simply have a very hard time managing everything that I have to manage. My brain goes “tilt”! My body is tired and it is hard to think. I’m afraid of my mail (what bad news is there? unpaid bills, insurance hassles) Everything feels on the very edge of spinning out of control all the time.

Today I got some more medical news. (remember those blood tests from a couple of weeks ago?) The good news is that I don’t have hepatitis C (or any other kind). The not so good news is I have Lyme Disease, and two of the infections that commonly come with it. Bartonella,(Cat Scratch Fever), and Ehrlichia. I’ve suspected Lyme for more than a year. I tested positive for one of the markers last year. Then the cancer diagnosis happened, and treatment for that was top priority. Sooo…I’m making an apt with a dr. in MD…I’ll write up what he says, (and his CV, which is pretty impressive. Yale Medical school etc., later) I suspect that he will recommend IV antibiotics (oh my poor gut flora!). I’m told that the secondary infections have to be dealt with first, then the Lyme. All of this is a huge drain on my immune system….Cleaning it up is really important.

This is all I have time for right now…stay tuned!

More pictures as soon as I figure out how to empty the card!  Where is my film crew?  sigh…

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  1. Martha permalink
    February 13, 2008 2:58 pm

    Lyme disease! That is no small project. The good news is it is curable. Amy Tan had a good description of her experience in her bio called More Than Luck(?).

    May His presence be palpable.


  2. Liz permalink*
    February 13, 2008 8:52 pm

    Martha, Yea, pretty big project…please pray that I can get this without a lot of complications. I have a friend who has had really bad headache and cardiac troubles as a result of the Lyme dying off in treatment.

  3. February 14, 2008 11:46 am

    I was to inspired by you post at CSC I had to come by and see your site. It is Fabulous! You rock cancer cowgirl. I tell you wordpress is no easy deal to learn. You are doing a great job. I am going to put you on my feeds and keep up with your journal. You are so right cancer is a battle and you do suffer from ptsd after being diagnososed. It sometimes feels like you are not the same person. But with time like wine we only get better. I hope you take a minute and join my lenten devotioal. It will have a different devotion and lesson up each day of lent. Today is day 8 and we are on courage. Each lesson is there though that way no matter when you start you can catch up but it is a lot of reading. hah.. well I talk to much in general. I would love to be on your prayer list. I am all about the prayers. You will be on mine. Stay strong. Much Love and Happy valentines day. Callie

  4. Liz permalink*
    February 14, 2008 4:21 pm

    Hey Callie! Thanks for visiting me! I get a big chuckle and a kick in my attitude and step…cancer cowgirl…I just love it! It is what I think about myself when I make the juice. Makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for all your thoughtful words. I’ll check out your lenten devotional. You are on my prayer list and have become dear to me. much love to you too!

  5. Angela and Scott permalink
    February 14, 2008 7:56 pm

    I hear you on the diet front. We went 50% raw this past summer and it was much easier to do then. Right now we are about 1/3 raw on a good day. I have read some of those raw cook books and it can be time consuming! Here is a link to an upcoming telecast on raw food, I listen to the ones they offered last summer and they were very educational and energizing!!

    I have a friend who is doing a juice feast, check it out

    glad to hear you a great birthday!! you were in our thoughts!!


  6. Liz permalink*
    February 16, 2008 8:53 am

    Angela, thanks for the links! I’ll check them out soon. The past couple of days, especially yesterday, were just too busy. Almost not home at all…all day and evening. Saw the Lyme doc yesterday…will try to post soon. Very interesting.

  7. February 16, 2008 10:53 pm

    Hi Liz
    thanks for visiting me and your nice comments.. of course you can have some wheatgrass sample… email me at and give me your mailing address.

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