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Happy, Happy, Happy….

February 8, 2008

What a wonderful day yesterday! Tim and I had a great day at the garden. What a great place. My favorite room was medicinal plants. The fragrance was fantastic. …and dinner…rapture! Definitely go to OceanAire in DC! Up until yesterday I was an escargots virgin! No more! It was really good! We shared them and crab cake (with no fillers) and Branzini, which the server filleted at the table, and Baked Alaska after dinner. I enjoyed every bite! The server, Johanna, asked me about wine…I’m sure she is used to a more sophisticated clientele on the subject. she suggested Chardonnay…She asked if I wanted one aged in wood or not (!) (I don’t have a clue…) She brought out three bottles and three glasses, and let us taste. (please note, I still don’t have a clue!) That was so much fun. Tim and I shared the most expensive glass of wine I have ever had! It was wonderful!…And the ice cream…extreme ice cream…Chai flavor…I haven’t had ice cream in almost 3 years…this was the best.

We arrived home at about 5:00pm to find a whole bunch of smiley faces on the lawn and the sign you will see pictures soon. What fun! I just found out today, Friday, that it was the Cain family, organized by Angela, who gave me this wonderful present! Thank you guys! Stan and Susan Gowin left beautiful roses and tulips, which are doing really well, and make the living room look nice.

In the evening we had a party with cake and coffee and friends. It was a really nice day…all day. it was great to have time to celebrate and such a sharp contrast to some of the more difficult things of the past year. I felt surrounded with the love of friends, and cherished. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I’ve been delaying this post in the hope that I could get a couple of pictures up. I am , unhappily, not so good at this stuff yet! Pictures soon I hope!

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