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Scan done

January 30, 2008

Sure was a long day yesterday…Everything went pretty well. I am getting better at the scans. The worst part of yesterday (besides having to wait for scan results ) was getting stuck with needles for blood draws and to get the raidoactive glucose for the scan. I’m trying to not use the large vein at the elbow. It got pretty beat up during the summer. Other veins are more difficult and attempts yesterday yielded collapsed veins. Thank God that most of the blood draws I need can be done through the port. It just requires a special needle. Then the blood can be drawn out by syringe and injected into the blood tubes (do you like the technical talk?) As much as I would love to get rid of the port, it does come in handy for these things. In the end, all the blood needed was gotten. Oh, and the flavor du jour of the barium was berry….not too bad…last time I think it was banana…not too good! (just in case you ever have to drink the stuff) The time in the scanner was pretty easy…I had some good mental music and meditation to keep me company, and other than feeling panic a couple of times I did great. There was one movement of the scan bed that put me into the scanner so it got really dark behind my eye lids. I remember that from last time…the eye adjusts pretty quickly. I close my eyes before the scan starts and don’t open them until it’s over.

I did get to go home for a couple of hours to eat and rest…and then off to DC to see Dr. Ramsey. She will supervise the Vit C treatment. She did some muscle strength testing using magnets. (new to me) You hold your arm out, she touches the place where different organs are, if all is ok the arm strength is good, if the arm strength is weak, so is the organ. I’m pretty strong except for liver and uterus. (places to pray for) Anyway, I liked her a lot and will check in with her in a few months.

I stayed out and got some supper at Whole Foods, as I thought I might. Rehearsal started at 7:00pm at Strathmore in Bethesda. I lasted until just after 9:00 when we got a break. Pretty tired at that point, and it didn’t seem reasonable to be heroric and stay until 10:00. My body was telling me to go home! So I went.

Thanks, everyone, for checking in yesterday! It is so encouraging to see traffic on the blog. I looked when I got home and was just too tired to post anything. besides, if I was too tired to stay till the end of rehearsal, I’m too tired to stay up really late writing posts. It takes time to write these things.

So now I wait. It should be a day or two till results are in. Not sure how I get them. Phone call I expect. I hate the wait…I remember from last spring…

Next week is my 50th birthday…I’m resolved to have a good time, and eat some cake regardless of scan results. I am writing this now because I may need all of you to keep me to it if the scan results present more challenges!

I’ll post again as soon as there is any news.

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