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January 28, 2008

PET Scan tomorrow…I’ve had to cancel PT and a massage today.  Thought I would try to organize the house…file papers and other tasks like laundry.  Pretty boring …needs to be done.

Tomorrow will be a pretty busy day.  I’ll be a Ruth’s house at 7:30am so she can draw blood for a few tests.  Then to the Scan place at 8:00 for an 8:30 start.   I should be done by 11:00am.  Then I can go home for a couple of hours to eat and rest.  I’ll see the supervising dr for the vit/c at 3pm in DC, and continue on to rehearsal at 7:00.  I’ll find someplace for supper…Actually, I’ll be right by Whole Foods.  They may have some supper for me!  It will be a pretty long day.  Good to get it over with.   All prayers for peace and healing are appreciated.

I’m continuing to work with Peter to update the blog….Look forward to some changes!

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