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Relating to the Psalmists

January 24, 2008

How Long, Oh Lord ,How Long?!  I am in great need of prayer these days it seems.  We don’t have a moving date yet, I have a PET Scan next week on Tuesday, my last blood work is showing liver levels a little above the range for ok,  the tech who flushed my port today dropped the plastic thing attached to me twice. Finally, I got him to  give it to me to hold.  He needed two hands to do something else, but drop it!  Now it’s sore!  When he just drops it it pulls and I hate it!  AND, our downstairs  neighbors have put one of those poison plug in air fresheners in and the smell is very strong in our apartment!  I just can’t get away from it!   Oh help, Oh help!

There is, of course, nothing we can do about the air stuff except say something and hope another product can be used.  There are so many natural and neutral options.  I’m so allergic to that stuff and the last thing I need, with cancer, is to be dealing with poison chemical smells.   When, oh when,can I be done with cancer treatment and when will there be a house for us?  When can I stop worrying about dying all the time?  I hate this!

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