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December 4, 2007

I need one! There is too much to do and not enough of me! Just for starters, the plumbing in our apartment is having a meltdown right now. The new landlord is going to replace the toilet today. I’m expecting him any time now…. Yesterday, for the first time, the tub was slow to drain…this morning it does not drain at all! Yesterday, as I was leaving very late for a PT appointment, I discovered that the wind had really broken the front storm door. Pieces of it were hanging loose….hmmmm….

You know, if I had a clone, the clone could do the MRI and PET scans that I need to do this month. 🙂 The doctor said last week that I, for sure, have a rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder. It would be good to have pictures and closed MRI is best. I’m not overly fond of closed places. I asked about open MRI and, alas, closed gives the best pictures of the shoulder.

I am getting out from beneath the paperwork that needs doing I’m happy to say. Still lots to do.  That clone thing is looking really good to me right now!

I’m thinking that what this blog needs is pictures!  I don’t have a digital camera…I think it would be a good idea to look around for a used one.  If anyone is planning an upgrade to a newer camera, or knows anyone who is, send me an email.

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