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November 26, 2007

Good news today! Last week I left my music and folder at Strathmore after the concert. I was really devastated. I usually don’t forget things like that, on the practical side. I’m pretty careful. On the more emotional side, it has really been the music that has been keeping me going. Those who know me best know my passion for music. I’ve been singing since before I could really talk, and feel, on deep levels the emotional impact (pathos or joy and fun) of the music. I get the most enjoyment from conveying that in performance. I love the technical challenges of performance. Anything for excellence! With all the losses and unpleasantness in the last months, I took the loss of my music and folder pretty hard.

We sang the last concert with the students of JMU last week. One of the women of the chorus took the folder home. I’ve just gotten an email from Patrick, director of that chorus, that they will send my music folder back to me!  This is just great!

I’m also still continuing with physical therapy.  Wish I had really great new there too…but alas…Things were going pretty well.  Since my shoulder was already frozen before surgery, the difficulty is much worse.  All the muscles are tight, and that is putting a lot of pressure on my neck.  The neck involvement causes pain in the arm and hand.  sigh…..I am continuing to work and will keep you guys updated.  Please pray!

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