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Concert week etc…

November 16, 2007

I think I’ll be able to sing Missa Solemnis on Saturday night. For those in the local area, the concert is at 8:00pm at Strathmore, in Bethesda. There are tickets available. The directors, with special thanks to Stan, have been really nice to me. I’ve been attending only half rehearsals this fall so far. It has made more sense to me to get home at 10:00, rather than 11:00. I thought that I would have more energy after the IPT treatments. ha ha….

I’ve been joking all fall that I would have to put the music under my pillow and hope to learn it by osmosis! I think that has happened! There are places where I am not secure, and I am very pleased that I’m memorized in others. Thank God that I learn and memorize music fast because I’ve not had the time or attention to spend the amount of time that I usually spend. In fact, there has been no study time at all this fall, so it is indeed a miracle! Thanks to Glennis for praying that the time I was able to spend on this would be enough. Still need more prayers because this is an 85 min work, and we will stand for most of it. There are a couple of brief periods to sit, not much though. It will require a lot of energy that I hope I can muster. I would just hate to miss this. Opportunities to sing the great choral masterpieces don’t come along every day.

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