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Wild Kingdom…

November 2, 2007

Lili, from The Falls Church, came to the house today and we spent two hours cleaning. Tim and I caught another mouse last night :(. Lili and I moved a bookcase and a small chest of drawers that are in the living room to clean under them, and found that a mouse had been in the coat closet. I don’t think for long…..Anyway, I was joking that usually I have clean dirt. This is dirty dirt. We got the floors washed and the place feels cleaner. I am very thankful for the help.  It would be nice not to have to do all this extra housework.  I usually turn everything in the house over and move everything to clean once a year.  That would have been June….I was kinda busy then… so, no time like the present!

One of the big struggles with the cancer discovery and treatment, in my opinion, is dealing with the increased chaos and uncertainty that it has created in our lives. The mice are not helping! The only good news is that inspection of the basement only yielded a couple of droppings. I still remain hopeful that we are not infested to the point of having to call a pro.

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