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Life and the house

September 17, 2007
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Monday, and the work on the house continues! This morning the workers were on the ladders spraying a sylicone sealer on the house, and unhappily, mist form the spray is on the brand new windows too. sigh…I’m hoping that they clean the insides of these windows…they looked so good! The thought if cleaning them myself makes me want to go back to bed! I’ll have to try to remember, if Tim and I have a house to renovate, to spray the sealers in advance of installing the windows. I love clean screens and windows and was sad to have the sealers on them when they are so brand new. Though it was always a big job, I used to wash all the window and screens about once a year at our old house. Looks so good when it is done! In the continuing face lift, the walkway to the front door is going to be replaced and a patio installed at the back and sides. This house has water problems, and the patio will help redirect the water around the house. Perhaps now the basement will not flood when it rains!

I’m struggling to get anything done. Had some energy last night and made something for dinner. I’ve not been cooking as I had been before. Am looking for things to look forward to and enjoying the funny things that come to my email. I’ve been watching movies and have made a few new friends, and looked at the schedule for the Birkshire Choral Festival for next summer. I’ve wanted to go for a few years. We’ll see….

Must go now…

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  1. Karen Cain permalink
    September 18, 2007 2:26 pm

    Liz and Tim, We found a very cute and FUNNY movie. Christina and Frank gave us Netflix for our birthdays, and my friend Kathy recommended “Undercover Blues”. It’s a couple who have both been spy type agents taking a year off when they have their first child. The antics that occur in New Orleans are hysterical. Roy, Duane and I really enjoyed this. We are praying that the swing toward more energy comes soon. Love, Karen

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