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Another Sunday

August 12, 2007
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Tim and I had some fun last night. We went into Chicago with Matthew and Lisa to see Late Night Catechism! I’ve wanted to see this show for years, and it was very funny. Sister called on many people, including me! Some people shared stories, both inside of and outside of the show about Catholic school, and I met someone from New Jersey, who is living in Brick, NJ now.

We had a really good time.

We are resting today and beginning to collect our belongings to come home. Matthew and Lisa, hitherto referred to as Our Chicago Angels, are going to come by here tomorrow with a Chicago pizza (Tim is thrilled) and help us pack up the car and get the place ready to leave. I’m not sure at what point the computer will be out of reach. We will leave here Tuesday morning, as soon as we can, (we will need to wash the sheets and towels before we go) and drive to Ohio. I know that I’ll be able to post from Scott and Angela’s house.

Tomorrow, Monday, I have a treatment with Dr. Ayre, and an appointment with the woman who does mind.body medicine at his office. She is recently in town from Washington, DC, and I hope can give me leads to where I can continue when I get home.

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