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See Dr. Snyder for follow up

August 7, 2007

I know that I have not been writing very much the past almost week…. Actually, I wrote this yesterday, went to the doctor, came home and just had the energy to get something for dinner. It seems that when I’m home, I just collapse. I read or knit or just stare into space. Have I mentioned that I’m really tired? I have watched a couple of funny movies this week. I saw most of the Blues Brothers. (unhappily, the DVD failed at the end…I’ll have to catch the end later!) and What about Bob. Both are very funny and I’ll continue to make my way through the funny suggestions which you have posted on the blog.

I saw Dr. Snyder, yesterday afternoon. Everything is fine. just still a little sore. I’m still a bit concerned about opening the incisions accidentally, so I’m trying to be careful. He told me what to look for in terms of infection etc, and to get a chest xray when I have it removed to be sure that the whole thing is out. He said the biggest risk for rejection happens in the first 10 days. it is, after all, a foreign device in the body. The body is supposed to try to kick it out! I think with proper care, I should be able to avoid the infections that sometimes find the port attractive.

We raced a really big thunderstorm home. We made it! Boy did it rain here last night! I think it was one of those 2 inch an hour rains in the middle of the night.

We have a long day today… We will see the nutritionist in the morning, followed by an IPT treatment, and then (I think) we both will get a massage! There is a massage therapist who will bring her table into Dr. Ayre’s office! After that I think we’ll just ease ourselves home for a quiet night.

So far we have not heard anything from International Teams about our status. I think we will today for sure. Matthew and Lisa have generously invited us to stay with them if we need to leave here. God’s provision again! Yippee!

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