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Another Saturday

August 5, 2007

Day of rest today…..I’m recovering well from surgery last Wednesday. Our hospital experience was really good. The staff to a one was really wonderful to us. Tim was allowed to wait in the Same Day Surgery Suite for me. Ordinarily family waits downstairs for the surgeon to come in after surgery. In consideration of Tim they let him stay upstairs. The surgeon even came in person to see him following the surgery. The nurse in the same day surgery unit even went to the hospital pharmacy to fill a prescription for me. I asked for a light sedation, and though I was asleep, I woke up fast and felt alert and well. I was not allowed to drive that day or the next. I got some rest . Many thanks to Dr. Ayer’s daughter, Emily, who drove us on Wednesday. It allowed us to be a home to recover.

I used to port yesterday for treatment. It went really well. The skin is tender and will heal. The port is under the skin. Nothing sticks out to catch on anything.

There is one little complication with this type of port. in about one in ten thousand times, there is a piece that can come off and lodge in the heart. Please pray that that does not happen. There is nothing that can be done if that happens.

I’m feeling well. just a little sore.

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