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Made it to Chicago

July 23, 2007

Whew! Long drive and we made it in last night. Thanks to Scott and Duane Cain for giving us a 2 hour boost to the Ohio line. It made a big difference!

The drive was easy. Things got a little exciting when we got around Chicago. The Cubs game was just over and lots of traffic. I’ll tell you, people around here drive fast! (yes, even faster than in New Jersey) I’m doing 70 and they are passing me really fast. pretty scary. Tim asked me what the posted speed limit was and i had not seen a sign for a very long time. Guess they threw them away! When I finally did see a sign it said 55mph. hmmmm….

funny thing happened around Chicago….I saw the first sign that said rt 90 Wisconsin. I’m pretty used to seeing that on signs at home. There it means Wisconsin Ave. It took till the third sign here for me to realize that they meant Wisconsin the state! Oh!

We have a really nice place here. So far we have the apartment to ourselves. The apartment is large. Big living room, dining room. Full kitchen, and three bedrooms. Tree right outside the windows and we are not facing a street. There is a field right outside so lots of green to look at.

We found the local Trader Joe’s grocery last night. We will spend time today locating food and stuff, and getting some rest. I’m pretty pooped!

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