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Taking care of myself

June 28, 2007

I’ve come to love pedicures! I know I’ve said this before…Comfort and Joy Spa in Fairfax is wonderful. Non Toxic polishes, and creams that don’t have a lot of ingredients, which, if you knew what they were, you might not want to use! Lucy spent a lot of time massaging my feet and now my toes are a very pretty pink! It really was relaxing. I’ve been running too hard and under way too much stress. it was really remarkable how much better I felt.

I’m also attempting to learn to love Jane Austin! The jury is still out on that…. My friend Sherri is teaching a class on Austin this summer. She assures me that I will love Jane Austin. She could be right. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and I’m off to read Pride and Prejudice (and maybe see the movie).

Also, I’m trying to think about how to feed myself. Today I met a friend for lunch at a Thai place. Thai may be one of the few places that I can eat out right now. Had a very nice green curry with veggies and rice noodles. Hmmm…. Does anyone have good vegetarian recipes that are Thai?

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